Middle East Training Centre

Middle East Training Centre

Service Training Centre in Middle East.

High quality training is fundamental to Cummins continued success. Our aim is to provide comprehensive training on all aspects of Cummins engines using the latest educational methods and tooling. Most of our courses are a combination of interactive CD-ROM programmes that are studied before the student undertakes the course and an instructor lead course here at Cummins Middle East,Dubai, UAE. Over the years, the training centre has extended the training facilities in order for you to receive the most up to date and reliable training available. The Service Training Centre is based in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai in the year 2011 and having capacity to impart training to 300 delegates annually. However, we also have training centres located elsewhere throughout Europe, Daventry UK and Johannesburg Africa.

Service Excellence is Our Promise to Our Customers.

It is Cummins endeavor to provide legendary after service support to end user by ensuring fully trained and qualified technician for every repair. With this objective in mind, CME has geared up and developing QSK95 Training facility at CME, Dubai as per Cummins training standards. The facility would be in place in two phases. During first phase, training would be imparted with tear down engine on mechanical and cooling system hands on (TL2) training program & second phase training would be imparted on MCRS Fuel System diagnostics & CM2350 control diagnostics as a part for full service qualification.

Cummins Middle East Technical Training Centre has successfully delivered first training program of first phase of training from June 26-30, 2016 where five technicians from three different distributor participated in the course. Full service qualification would be awarded to participants once they successfully completes second phase of training with live module which has been planned in the month of December 2016. We ensure that our distributors have fully trained and qualified resources to provide legendary customer service to Cummins end users.

In addition, in July 2009 we acquired the Cummins Training Centre Certification for both the Power Generation & Engine Business Units; for Engine Training we are at level TECH2, and for PG Training we have full certification. Our technical training goal is to ensure technicians receive suitable training according to the Cummins (CMI) Global Standards, and in the safest possible environment to equip them with the necessary skills and competencies to deliver world class customer support excellence and legendary service.

Our objectives are to deliver product expertise, systems utilization, market application knowledge and imbed safety into our courses to maximize job readiness. Our tasks are to continuously improve our strategy and delivery methods to ensure training meets our cross Business Unit requirements, fits to our business needs and is an enabler to Service Capability.

For more information, please contact:

Girish S Kadam
Training Manager, Cummins Middle East Distribution Unit

Headquarters Jebel Ali, Jebel Ali Free Zone South

P.O. Box No 17636, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Office:  +971 4 806 0757

Email: girish.s.kadam@cummins.com