Decades of Protecting Your Equipment.

More than fifty years ago, the foundation was laid for the company that is now Cummins Filtration. Since then our customers around the world have come to depend on us to provide quality solutions for protecting their equipment. As the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of filtration, coolant and fuel additive technology for all engine-powered systems, Cummins Filtration and our industry-leading Fleetguard® products provide the best protection available.

Your local Cummins Middle East branch is the source for all your Cummins Filtration and Fleetguard needs. We stock a variety of the most used products in Cummins’ comprehensive line, offering a unique competitive advantage to help your bottom line. As the leader in filtration and exhaust system product design, Cummins Filtration offers advanced technologies that improve the performance of your equipment and dramatically lower your operating costs. In addition, all products are backed by the strongest warranty in the industry.

Innovative Technology

Through research, Cummins Filtration continues to develop, refine and improve its products and also seeks to find innovative ways to leave a lighter footprint on the environment. Our latest innovate products includes the new cooling system product named ES Compleat OAT, new filtration media named NanoNet and NanoForce Technology.

ES Compleat OAT

We have recently launched an extended service coolant named ES Compleat OAT (Organic Acid Technology). The Life of the Engine Coolant that lasts 1 000 000 miles or 20 000 hours without the use of SCAs or extenders with proper top up practices. This coolant is manufactured to the highest standards and meets the performance specifications of major OEMs in order to provide your engine and components with superior protection.

NanoNet Technology

To maintain and protect your modern fuel system, NanoNet advanced filtration media is the latest in the Fleetguard fuel product lineup. The first of its kind for fuel filtration, NanoNet has the capability for increased filtration efficiency, while also extending filter life beyond the capacities of conventional premium fuel filter media available on the commercial market today. Learn more about NanoNet Technology.  

NanoForce Technology

NanoForce air filters deliver the cleanest combustion air for large construction and mining engines and equipment. One of the features of NanoForce is that it provides the highest possible filtration efficiency without compromising filter life. Learn more about NanoForce Technology

The Fleetguard® brand covers a wide scope of product types. To learn more please choose an option below:

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