About Cummins C&G


Cummins C&G, a 50:50 Joint Venture between Cummins Inc and Car & General Limited is the authorised distributor for 11 East African countries, namely – Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Rwanda, Burundi, Seychelles & South Sudan. Equipped with a full portfolio of state of the art technologies, Cummins C&G can provide a solution to every unique customer need. From engines to generator sets to parts and services, we have it.  To effectively deliver on our vision, we must be customer-focused and agile. Cummins believes that driving more consistent customer service across the East African territories is particularly important as our customers grow across geographies and require greater technical and business support.

The Right People Matters. 

We value the safety of our customers above all else. We are committed to our customers’ success. We do what we say we will do, right the first time, on time, in everything we do. We are easily accessible to our customers and with a sense of urgency they expect Cummins employees energy and commitment drive our goal of being “easy to do business with.”

The Right Technology Matters.

We always been at the cutting edge of diesel engine technology, resulting in many milestones in the evolution of diesel. Our commitment to innovation continues to be an integral part of the product strategy. Our ability to deliver turnkey solutions is rooted in The Power of One™; which means that Cummins assumes responsibility for all the ‘performance components’ of the power system solutions which impact our customers’ business. This is where we draw from the experience and expertise of our highly specialized Application, Engineering and Project Execution teams who have decades of ‘industry’ experience.

The Right Support Matters.

There are many manufacturers of generator sets around the world; many manufacturers of controls; and many manufacturers of transfer switches and paralleling systems. And there are many companies that can provide service and support. But there is only one place with the holistic perspective and capability to do it all — to deliver and support complete power solutions, wherever, whenever and however you need them — Cummins C&G. Our commitment to our customers expands beyond the initial sale and application of our range of products to cover a product’s whole life span needs and requirements in terms of parts and service