Fire & Emergency

Better Where It Counts. Every Emergency.

Cummins fire and emergency enginesNowhere is it more critical to have the ultimate in reliability than in fire and emergency vehicles. That is why more firefighting and Emergency Medical Technician professionals depend on Cummins than any other diesel engine.

The secret to better performance, reliability and durability is using a total systems approach. Cummins engines are designed to operate for maximum reliability, efficiency and performance.

From the industry leading ISX15 to the proven durability of the ISB6.7, Cummins has a clean diesel engine that is perfect for every type of fire equipment and every kind of emergency.

Our products offer outstanding responsiveness and durability, long maintenance intervals, reliability and more. No matter what size Cummins engine you choose, your decision will definitely pay off – with performance on the front line and savings on the bottom line.

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